Fresh Flowers & Clean Laundry

A Big Life

Back in Germany.

We flew in over the alps with their caps of snow and clouds and then over southern Bavaria with its perfect, precise patchwork of paddocks, each a brilliant shade of green and bordered by full, round trees. Order and calm instantly seeped in, the lovely chaos and noise of the Mediterranean lost somewhere over the mountains.

Here there is no ocean, no wild winds that whip so furiously it feels like they want to take you to see the Wizard. The cars drive in a far more orderly fashion. The wine grapes grow on vines. The bakeries are full of laugenstangen and seed covered, brie-stuffed brötchen, not puff pastry snails stuffed with feta, or big wedges of moussaka pie. The church bells are back, loud, four times an hour, as intrusive as they are comforting. The conversations I hear coming up from the street and in through…

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