The Day Mr. Maxtor Ate My Photos…

Day by Day the Farm Girl Way...

I have been patient for several weeks now, hoping for a miracle.  Perhaps a miracle is a bit of a dramatization, because this is really not a matter of great importance, but more one of disappointment and aggravation.  However it is referred to, what should have been a very happy and exciting day, turned flat when my editor/computer guru and husband, FD, announced that Mr. Maxtor had gobbled up our data.

More than a month ago, FD purchased his 4-year-old desktop computer from his employer.  Employees at FD’s company get a great discount on the purchase of their work computers, and this particular machine came with huge monitors and an awesome sound system.

My last computer, a laptop, was disappointing.  Early on, the audio refused to work correctly and the computer had a slow processor, so everything took forever to open and run.  Since I am not a patient person most of the time, I continually complained…

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