Fun with a message: At these summer camps, ideology doesn’t take a holiday

Fun with a message: At these summer camps, ideology doesn’t take a holiday

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Campers at Florida’s Tampa Liberty School travel in cardboard boats across the partitioned classroom, leaving the tyranny of the Old World for the liberty of the New World, where they toss confetti in celebration of the American Revolution. Then boys like nine-year-old Jett Yarborough and his two older brothers sweep up the red-white-and-blue mess as a lesson that freedom carries responsibility.

At the annual Alberta Federation of Labour summer camp, activists’ children catch the “Union Express” bus bound for the Rocky Mountain camp, where they are taught the history and merits of unions by “volunteer Sisters and Brothers from the labour movement,” boasts a flyer for this year’s August camp. And at the first national CUPE Youth Council last year, kids like nine-year-old Allyson Harding put “Get Rid of Harper” on a Sharpee-scribbled list of “What we want to change,” and visited Occupy Vancouver, where a protester told the children:…

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Wedding Photography Poses and Tip

ImageA photographer can be one of the most important components of your wedding day. When friends or relatives volunteer to take your wedding pictures, think long and hard about it. A professional will thoroughly understand lighting techniques and will be experienced in capturing the joyous occasion. Interview photographers early, at least 6 – 12 months in advance.

Determine your budget clearly at this meeting. Be sure you understand exactly the quantity and size of prints you will be buying, when proofs will be available and if you get to keep them, the type of proofs provided, when the finished work will be ready, and how long the negatives will be kept in the photographer’s filing system (if they’re not given to you).

Remember, price is not the most important item – look for quality and creativity. Also make sure that they will respect the sacredness of the ceremony and not turn it into a “show” (i.e. some photographers disregard this and take flash pictures during the ceremony or walk up and down the aisle just so they can get the best pictures).

Be sure you feel comfortable with the photographer.

Note for photographers looking for tips and advice – make the couple relaxed and comfortable, make that your number one goal. The poses will come naturally.
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Photos During the Ceremony

• Interior of the church (or other wedding site) with guests
• Lighting of church candles
• Parents and other honored guests being escorted to seats
• Entrance of minister (or other officiant), groom, and groomsmen
• Minister, groom, and groomsmen waiting at altar
• Entrance of bridesmaids (escorted or unescorted)
• Entrance of flower girl and ring bearer
• Entrance of bride and father (or other escort)
• Father giving away bride
• Various shots during the ceremony (usually without flash and from the back of the church, from balcony, or best available vantage point)
• Telephoto close-ups of bride, groom, and officiant at altar
• Wide-angle shots of entire wedding party at altar
• Special moments (such as bride and groom facing one another, lighting of unity candle, vows, ring exchange, kiss, presentation of bride and groom to the guests as new husband and wife)
• The recessional (bride and groom walking back down aisle, groomsmen escorting bridesmaids down the aisle)